Transformational Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

Transformational Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy don’t just alleviate the symptoms of emotional or mental disturbances, they focus on the root causes of those problems and work to clear them from the deep psyche and soma, the living matrix that makes you what you are.

Transformational Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy create shifts that help move you from being:

• Sad, frustrated and anxious to happy, peaceful and joyful
• Fearful to love-filled
• Dis-empowered to empowered
• Resistant to motivated
• Tired and bored to energized and alive
• Ego-driven to soul-directed
• Self-doubting to confident
• Past and future focused to “here and now” focused

Individual work focuses on:

  • Overcoming depression, anxiety, or addictions
  • Resolving relationship problems and challenges with life transitions
  • Healing phobias, obsessive compulsive tendencies, or grief
  • Connecting with your deep soul essence and living your best life

Couples work focuses on:

  • Creating a safe space for clear communication and accountability.
  • Honoring each person’s perspective and finding common ground.
  • Removing the obstacles to the flow of love between each other.
  • Harmonizing of the feminine and masculine energies within the couple.

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About Transformational Psychotherapy:
I view psychotherapy as a way of honoring and caring for the soul of a person, rather than a fixing of their pathology. (In fact, the word psyche comes from the ancient Greek root Psukhe’ which meant breath, life and Soul.) Too many people suffer needlessly because they’re disconnected from their essential nature and worth. The more you live in tune with your soul, the happier you are, regardless of your life circumstances. That’s because you are able to live life with your heart open and joy can then flow through you from within.

Often the conditioned, disconnected, linear mind is standing in the way of your greater happiness and fulfillment. The stories you tell yourself can interfere with your ability to access the beauty and goodness in your body and your life. The guidance provided allows you to break out of the limitations of the conditioned mind, enabling you to access the radiant flow of love energy in your heart and connect with the amazing faculty of your intuitive wisdom that lives in your belly.  The connection, coherence and integration of your centers of intelligence and aliveness is what this work is all about.  Peace and joy are the natural feelings that flow from this emerging union of all the parts of you coming together and creating a new sense of being grounded, stable, clear and at home within yourself.

This work goes beyond talk therapy and uses powerful, proven tools and techniques that produce very rapid results. In addition to hypnotherapy, some of the tools I use come from the fields of energy psychology and emotional releasing, including Psych-K, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) and The Sedona Method. I also incorporate self-inquiry practices that work at clearing false ideas and beliefs. These processes allow your authentic self to really shine through.

When you feel connected to your deepest sense of self, you may feel as though an internal light is turned on, as a greater current of life energy flows through you. This process also allows for insights and breakthroughs that relate directly to the awareness of your life’s purpose. The Hero’s Journey beckons within you!  This is why you’re here!  What follows is the ignition of true passion and excitement, leading to a lasting sense of peace and contentment –this is true healing!

I feel very blessed to facilitate this process for people and witness how their lives blossom and transform.

I encourage you to read some of my clients’ testimonials and see if this transformational work resonates with you.


*Skype sessions are available by appointment.

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