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Sergio Baroni
Sergio Baroni


I found Sergio's work to be very deep, healing and transforming, I have tried other more traditional modalities and his work is much more efficient, spiritual and integrative. Sergio has a keen sense to listen with an open heart which is truly healing. The normal state of human beings is "bliss" and Sergio can help you regain this state!

Sergio has been an exceptional guide on my journey of self-awareness, self-love, and inner peace. It is my truth and I am happy to give witness to it.


Are you ready for a breakthrough in your life? Would you like to release your distress and limitations and discover how to feel happy and fulfilled? 

With the right support and guidance, you really can uncover the natural state of happiness, peace and well-being that springs from within you. 

I offer a unique and personalized system to help you grow and live the life you long for.

• Transformational Psychotherapy & The Soul Dialogue – to clear the obstacles and open the path to profound well-being.

• Happy For Life Coaching – to support you in living a deeply happy and passionate life. 

Personalized Workshops for individuals and couples who want accelerated results.

Featured in Happy for No Reason, the New York Times Bestseller
As a collaborator on the recent bestselling book, Happy for No Reason, I specialize in helping people find their joy, peace and fulfillment. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from. If you’re in pain or crisis, you’ll be able to take charge of your life and overcome your depression, stress, anxiety, grief, addictions and relationship problems. If you’re already pretty happy in your life, you’ll be able to access an even deeper level of peace and wellbeing — to become truly happy from the inside out. Read more…

Why Choose this work?
You’ll benefit from state of the art methods along with ancient techniques that support your personal growth and transformation. This is not new age feel good fluff. These are powerful practices and tools that work wonders in people’s lives. Read more…

Take the First Step…
Whether you need rapid results to release suffering or are ready to live your life at a much higher level of happiness, peace and personal power, I can help you. 

Call today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see if this is right for you. Contact

You don’t need to settle for mediocre therapy or an unhappy life.  You can experience a profound opening to your best life.

P.S. See what others have to say about the profound shifts they experienced. Testimonials

Listen to this three part Wisdom Series "Living Life from the Heart" with Elizabeth Jarosz interviewing Sergio.

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Featured Contributor in:

Happy for No Reason

I have worked with several therapists and psychologists since age 11 and I am now 35. No other therapist has helped me the way Sergio Baroni has, who has shown me how a good relationship with anyone or anything starts from within. I am so much more clear now about myself, my life and how I am evolving. For the first time in my life I feel like there is nothing wrong with me.

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