Of all the therapists and coaches that I have worked with in my life, Sergio Baroni has made the most measurable impact on my journey. His mindful approach to the work we do creates a respectful and trusting relationship which allows me to look at my life and see how, why, and where I am going in the future. Sergio is a master at helping others see with clarity what is working and what is not working in their lives. He gives you the tools to make powerful adjustments that will guide you to your life's greatest goals.
My work with Sergio has been far more than time spent expressing emotion, it has helped me develop the tools I need to deal with life's challenges. He is unique in his practice because he teaches how to build practical yet powerful skills that are useful in any situation. I am forever grateful for his spiritual guidance and support.
The first thing you helped me with was saving my marriage. The last process we undertook was feeling more comfortable in my own skin and feel light/energy coming into my body. I truly appreciate your time and effort with me and you always seem to hit it right on; from really helpful processes to focusing on a vision for my business you have shown me how to stand out and succeed on all levels. Many thanks.
You really helped me with my self-esteem and to have more self confidence and belief in myself. You helped me to see that I need to slow down and have balance in my life. To stop and breathe and let some things go which I cannot change. I really was blessed and honored to have had you as a coach. I have told everybody I know how great you were and have recommended you to all the people I know.
I always look forward to Sergio’s wisdom, deep presence and ruthlessly compassionate guidance. He is truly an exceptional coach!
The two biggest changes that I have experienced in working with Sergio are in finding my non-supportive beliefs, especially in going after my big dream again. I was afraid I would lose it or it would get taken away again. Sergio showed me why that was not true. Sergio also helped me find a program in my mind that caused me to believe that what I do does not matter. He helped me change that belief and it has definitely helped me take a more active role in what happens and come in as a peaceful warrior. My heart gives many thanks!
Dr. P.L.
I found Sergio's work to be very deep, healing and transforming, I have tried other more traditional modalities and his work is much more efficient, spiritual and integrative. Sergio has a keen sense to listen with an open heart which is truly healing. The normal state of human beings is "bliss" and Sergio can help you regain this state!
Working with Sergio, I was able to look at and release patterns that I was surprised to see were holding me in a state of constant low-level tension. Through Sergio's skillful guidance, I was able to release my old patterns of resistance and feel myself fill with a wash of acceptance, trust and peace.
I began working with Sergio after attending a HeroQuest Program. At the time I was struggling with challenges in a number of areas of my life: career, family, personal development and self-fulfillment. I have learned so much from working with Sergio, who uses a wide range of techniques to help you get clear on where you are blocked, see your potential, and honor your own spirit. Each time I do a session with Sergio, I sense a new opening in my life, which is so freeing. His expertise, intuitive ability, and true caring for his clients are gifts that one finds rarely in life. I am ever grateful for his help and support.
I've been in the skincare industry for over a decade and know the importance of exfoliating. Seeing Sergio is like a gentle exfoliation for the heart and mind: I get to rid myself of all the junk that's accumulated and prevented me from seeing clearly, and I'm able to unearth what lets me flourish and reach my full potential. As a result, I glow on the inside as well as the outside!
Sergio has been an exceptional guide on my journey of self-awareness, self-love, and inner peace. It is my truth and I am happy to give witness to it.
I have worked with several therapists and psychologists since age 11 and I am now 35. No other therapist has helped me the way Sergio Baroni has, who has shown me how a good relationship with anyone or anything starts from within. I am so much more clear now about myself, my life and how I am evolving. For the first time in my life I feel like there is nothing wrong with me.
The time I spent working with you has certainly been one of the most rewarding and enlightening experiences of my life!! There has been a huge shift inside of me. I really have no words to express how your help has contributed to bettering my life and actually enjoy it fully. My only regret is not having done this sooner. However, as the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”.
"After years of struggling with an addiction, Sergio helped me to finally break the chains of the dependency. He instilled in me a sense of optimism and gave me the mental and physical tools I needed to be successful. I now have a new lease on life and I am happier than I have ever been. Sergio continues to help me evolve into a happier, more fulfilled individual."
Sergio saved my life -- and my dad's, too, actually. I found him at a particularly dark and scary time, when I thought grief and panic and anger might actually envelop and eat me up alive. I needed a therapist familiar with trauma, who was also intuitive and could provide spiritual guidance and reinforcement, and that I've found in Sergio. He helped extricate me from deep despair and hopelessness, and at times overwhelming anxiety. He also helped my dad, who was going through something in parallel to me, perhaps for the first time in his life, taking time for himself to reflect on what he truly wanted - not what others wanted. He has said more than once that Sergio is the only therapist he's ever met who made a real positive impact in his life. Sergio offers a very special, rare combination of practical, spiritual, direct, nurturing support and healing guidance. He intuitively somehow always knows what is needed and how to deliver it, including suggesting other resources or support people. Don't delay in seeing Sergio.
I’ve worked with a number of excellent therapists before, but it hasn’t been until my work with Sergio that I’ve truly connected with my essential Self. Only then was I able to feel real love for myself on a level that goes far beyond appreciation of my particular talents or qualities. Until I could truly inhabit and live from my authentic self, instead of feeling real love for myself, I got by on feeling good because of what I knew or what I could accomplish. It’s a mystery to me as to which came first – stepping into my real self or truly loving myself. I only know that the journey to discovering both has been the most profound experience of my years of wandering the paths of personal and spiritual growth. Sergio’s loving presence, skillful ways and deep wisdom have helped me come to love myself in an entirely new, more authentic way. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.
Heather Hawkins, Ph.D.
Sergio has helped guide me through some difficult passages in my life. He appeals to the best in me, reflecting the inner voice that I have deep down but don’t quite know yet how to hear or to follow. He has introduced me to many tools for various situations. And in the process of our working together, I laughed harder than I ever have in a therapist’s office.
Alyssa S.


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